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Master Thesis - English translation Linguee
Master's thesis may be adjusted up or down by one on the grading scale. Is familiar with relevant communicative genres. Place of Instruction, bergen, objectives and Content, the Master's thesis is a scientific work in the discipline of the student's specialisation, and may be written on the basis of one of the selected topics. None, access to the Course, the course is open to students enrolled in the Master programme in English and the Master's programme in Foreign Language Teacher Education at the University of Bergen. A draft of a chapter of the Master's thesis,. Presented: Spring 2020 (Chair: Kathryn Pruitt). Will have gained broad knowledge of the field in general and detailed knowledge of a limited subfield. Presented: Spring 2019 (Chair: Keith Miller).

Students are expected to participate actively in their discipline's work-in-progress seminars by presenting their own work and by taking part in discussions about others' presentations. Winemiller, Carolena, the L2 Classroom as a Crossroads: Merging Creative Pedagogy and Second Language Instruction. Required Previous Knowledge, bachelor degree with specialization in English, or the equivalent. The Master's thesis is to be written in English, and should comprise 70- 110 pages (the total word count of the thesis must be between 25 000 and 40 000 words.). Skills, the graduate is able to work independently and in the long term on solving problems based on his/her knowledge of the discipline. Is capable of acquiring and applying knowledge of new subfields within the discipline. Select semester Department of Foreign Languages Reading lists Class of fall 2020 Class of spring 2021. Is this what motherhood is?: Ambivalent Representations of Motherhood in Black Womens Novels, (2018 Gotfredson). Bleymaier PDF Mexican Immigrants as "Other An Interdisciplinary Analysis.S.

Theses/Dissertations from PDF "That's a Lotta Faith We're Putting in a Word Language, Religion, and Heteroglossia as Oppression and Resistance in Comtemporary British Dystopian Fiction, Haley Cassandra Gambrell Theses/Dissertations from PDF Mirroring the Madness: Caribbean Female Development in the. English Literatures Father of Authorial Androgyny: The Innovative Perspective of Chaucer and the Wife of Bath (2017 Ingold). Verbal Hygiene on the Radio: An Exploration into Perceptions of Female Voices on Public Radio and How They Reflect Language and Gender Ideologies within American Culture (2017 Barrett). Models of Claim, Resistance, and Activism in the Novels of Mary Wollstonecraft, Mary Hays, and Frances Burney (2017 Smith). Likewise, all obligatory requirements must be met before examination. The subject for discussion at the oral examination is the student's Master's thesis. Citizen and Percival Everetts, erasure (2018 Razak echoes Inhabit the Garden: The Music of Poetry and Place.S. Teaching and learning methods, the master thesis is usually written during the third and fourth semesters of the Masters programme. Presented: Summer 2019 (Chair: Elly van Gelderen) 2018, alzubaidi, Noor, saudi Mothers' Attitudes Towards Their Children's Bilingual Language Practice in the.

Presented: Spring 2019 (Chair: Elly van Gelderen). Presented: Spring 2018 (Chair: Karen Adams) Powell, John Instructors' Views Towards the Second Language Acquisition of Spanish Subjunctive Presented: Spring 2018 (Chair: Elly van Gelderen) Romero Pino, Blanca Doralzuelan: An Emerging Identity of the Venezuelan Immigrant in the Southern Forida. Students are advised to choose a topic for their Master's thesis as early as possible in the second semester. Is able to engage with and critically assess theories, methods and interpretations within the discipline. Follow index, jump to:, theses/Dissertations from, pDF. Aesthetics, Politics, and the Urban Space in Postcolonial British Literature (2017 Rahmat). Will have gained basic knowledge of central problems and methodologies in the selected discipline. Presented: Spring 2019 (Chair: Maureen Goggin). Implementing Critical Analysis in the Classroom to Negate Southern Stereotypes in Multi-Media, Julie Broyhill, pDF, fan Fiction in the English Language Arts Classroom, Kristen Finucan, pDF.

Kellogg, Jackson, a Rhythmic Analysis of Scottish Gaelic Using Durational Metrics. Numbed and Mortified: Labor, Empathy, and Acquired Disability. Towards Self-Defined Expressions of Black Anger in Claudia Rankines. The subjects of MA theses have included studies of individual poets or dramatists, novelists or autobiographers, as well as explorations of literary movements, themes or periods. Assessment Semester Examination in ENG350 is offered in the spring and autumn semesters. Presented: Spring 2020 (Chair: Aya Matsuda) 2019, almatard, Abdulmajeed, developing an Evaluation Checklist to Identity in esol Textbooks. 2020, baumann, Natalie, necro-rhetoical Constructions of the Migrant: An Image of Death on the Border.

Presented: Spring 2014 (Chair:  Elly van Gelderen) Nunn, Theda Discourse Markers as Predictors of Success for the toefl Presented: Spring 2014 (Chair: Claire Renaud) Turney, Brittany The Gyant's Giant Meaning:  An Application of Monster Theory to Edmund Spenser's Faerie Queene. Beyond Mourning: Afro-Pessimism in Contemporary African American Fiction (2018 Huggins). If a student takes more than two semesters to complete the Master's thesis, supervision will be reduced. Werewolves: The Outsider on the Inside in Icelandic and French Medieval Literature (2018 Modugno). Before starting work on the Master's thesis, it is recommended that the student has achieved 60 credits in Selected topics in English linguistics and/or English literature/culture. Burns, Kate, the New Human Condition: Climate, Migration, Literature, and the Future. Moby-Dick, The Confidence Man, and, clarel (2018 Marcy speaking of the Body: The Maternal Body, Race, and Language in the Plays of Cherrie Moraga, Suzan-Lori Parks, and Tony Kushner (2018 King). Presented: Summer 2019 (Chair: Bryan Smith). Work-in-progress seminar As part of the Master's thesis, students hold three approved presentations at the Department's work-in-progress seminars for Master students:. Submission of the Master's thesis and subsequent oral examination) can be carried out at the beginning and end of each semester.

The final examination for the Master degree (i.e. The Murmure and the Cherles Rebellying: Poetic and Economic Interpretations of the Great Revolt of 1381 (2019 Noell). Lundwall, Rachel, a Selection of Sacred Hymns: Singing Women into Citizenship in Zion. Is familiar with the norms of academic writing. It is especially important that students take part in these seminars the two semesters they spend writing their Master's thesis, but it is also advantageous that they participate in their first and second semester.

Examination Support Material None Grading Scale The Department uses a grading scale ranging from A. Typee (2020 Post prophetic Un-speaking: The Language of Inheritance and Original Sin. F is a failing grade. Jin, Seonghan, teaching English as an International Language in the Military Context: Incorporaing teil into the English Curriculum of the Korean Military Academy. Some of our more recent titles are: Memory is all that Matters; Queer Latinx Temporality and the Memory-Making Process (2020 Caicedo). Thel to Dreamscapes of Influence (2019 Gallo).

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